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Acrylic on canvas 2022


If you were born between 17th Feb 1950 and 5the Feb 1951, you are a Metal Tiger.


According to the Chinese astrological calendar, 2022 was the year of the tiger. Because there are 12 animals in this calendar, the year of the tiger comes around every 12 years. Each time it comes around, it is assigned an element according to the elemental cycle which is made of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

The year of your birth is assigned an element and by the time you reach your 60th birthday, you have completed 5 full cycles of elements and have arrived back at your birth element. This makes your 60th birthday a very auspicious event and marks you as a wise and respected older person.

In the year of the tiger, I created a painting for each one of the tiger’s elements

Metal is the material of the shield and the sword, the axe and the hammer. When a metal individual has a goal in mind, they tend to act without hesitation, consultation, concessions or compromise. They tend to work alone and only trust their own instincts and judgement. They mistrust others and sometimes can be paranoid.
The artistic pursuits that can dispel some of their character traits are dance, fashion, styling, jewellery and metal-smithing.

In this painting you can see that the metal tiger’s season is autumn, its landscape is the lake and marsh and the metal tiger is a star-gazer.

80 x80cm acrylic on canvas
Metal Tiger

Determined but rash
Charming but touchy
Beware the metal tiger.
Autumn is its season
Solitude and an arid landscape
It’s homeland
This tiger is a star gazer

Energetic and cool
Destructive and loving
Master of disguise 

The Metal Tiger

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