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What am I doing Dustin?

Yesterday, I watched an Instagram video by artists Dustin D. Smith that really made me stop and think ...... not for the first time of course.

Dustin says: "We are not doing it for them; we are doing it for ourselves. When we truly do something for ourselves it is almost like a diary entry. Do we care what anyone thinks of our diary entries - of course not. I am making it to have my experience. If I choose to share it then I have a success because I like it enough to show others. If they like it - that's great but that is about them, not about me"

Every time I choose the road of 'doing it for them' the result is disappointing. I am never pleased with the work - not deep down. Today, I will start something just for me.

Today's picture - from 2018 was just for me.

Here is the link to Dustin's video

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