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Where does inspiration come from?

You never know quite what inspires you until it hits you smack in the frontal cortex and, when it hits, you are helpless ot resist!

A few months ago, completely out of the blue, I received a message from my university boyfriend / lover / soulmate. It is 40 years since we had a lunch together in Sloane Square and quite what made him contact me now- I may never know. Ours was a classic story of star-crossed lovers - just like Romeo and Juliet and Vega and Altair. We wanted to be together forever but cultures, duties and distance divided us and we were torn apart at a very tender moment.

Each time we speak on Whatsapp - often for 2 hours or more - I am inspired to write about the memories we shared and a lot of the details of events, people, places, preferences, funny habits and our closeness come flooding back to both of us.

I get a bit lost in the writing because it is not my normal medium of expression so I decided to paint the story to help me find my way through all the short stories and, in some way, work out how to put them in order or disorder to make sense ot a reader. Although I take the lead in this project because English is not his first language, this is very much a joint project which should represent both sides of the story.

This piece is the first of three pieces ( I hope) and is titled 'Altair and Vega'

70 x 35cm acrylic on canvas

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