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About Bridget

A life of art and design

Mine is a life of colour and expression that started at the earliest age and became my trademark by the time I was 10 or 11.  After music, after dance, after sport and after a career in product design, it was art that I was always trying to find my way back to.  I gave everything up to spend the last 10 years discovering what it meant to me to become an artist. To be able to afford to do this, I have been spending a large part of every year in Vietnam where the light is always good, living is cheap and there is no shortage of inspiration. I am increasingly interested in abstract expresionist styles and current works are about time, space, the night and the heart. 


Along the way my work has always sold successfully. In Vietnam, I have had 7 solo exhibitions in galleries and international hotels and in 2017 I established a gallery to help promote the work of artists in Central Vietnam.  The March Gallery is the only professional gallery that represents both local and international artists living and working in Central Vietnam. 


I aim to spend more time in the UK and am planning a summer of events for 2023 which  will include Alnmouth Arts Festival and Pittenweem Arts Festival and a number of art markets in the north of England.

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