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Acrylic on canvas 2024


I started creating paintings of Vietnam's wildlife during the Covid19 lockdowns. Some creatures were abundant, some endangered and some have disappeared from that country's environments.


The Siamese crocodile would make a very rare sighting down south in the swamps of the Mekong Delta, only a handful still exist in Thailand and around 200 possible survive in Cambodia. It is a fresh water beast so the infestation of salt water in the Mekong and the damming of the upper Mekong are depriving it of its usual habitats. Maybe the Siamese crocodile has less to smile about these days.


Did you know that crocodiles only sweat through their tongues and that is why they sit with their mouths open during the heat of the day.

This is my tribute to this magnificent creature.


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Once in a while .... a smile

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