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During the lockdown period of Covid19, I found myself stranded in Vietnam, like many others. The cessation of international tourism caused a small resurgence of wildlife in many parts of the world and I turned my attention to some of the endangered species of South East Asia and thgouth I could make a small difference by raising awareness of these cretaures. All the paintings in that series mixed abstract elements with realism and had scarlet backgrounds to emphasise the perilous predicament we have brought to these beautiful animals.


This painting, however, has an amber background because it is too late to save the Javanese Rhinocerous of Vietnam, one of the smaller of its species that  lived on the margins of the forests throughout this region. In 2006, there were only 12 remaining. It is thought that they are probably, now extinct. 


I have depicted it as being tiled or pixelated and only the ankles and toes remain in their natural colours. The next stage would be for the squares to begin separating from the form and fading into the ether to mark its e xtinction.


Acrylic on linen canvas (2022)


This piece will be shipped, rolled, in a hard tube from Vietnam.

Shipping is included in the price.

Gone but not forgotten

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