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 Nikola Tesla said that if you want to discover the secrets of the universe, you should think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Energy and Vibration is what we transmit into the world. Everyone can sense our energy and is sensitive to our vibration and it is these things that attract us, one to another or repel in equal amount.

This piece is about the energy of the universe, the golden spiral can be found within all living entities. It is within our DNA, within the structure of our inner ears, in the whirl of a pine cone, a nautilus shell and in the shape of the Milky Way. Spirals are dynamic. They spiral away or towards you - but are never flat.

Emotions are energy in action. Beauty is an emotion. Nothing can be intrinsically beautiful therefore something only becomes beautiful when it stirs an emotional response within you. Art can energise emotions positively and negatively and can even make the viewer curious. Art, music and literature can all stir our emotions and can cause us to change our moods and maybe, even heal by releasing some of those pent up emotions that cause us to be stressed.


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