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The soles of a soul

One of the latest in my art maps series is a colourful depiction of the walled city of York. It makes an upside-down heart shape with the river cutting through from west to south. Beyond the city walls are subdued colours of the sprawling suburbs and to the left centre you can see the beautiful curved glass roof of the train station.

On the right are some symbols associated with the city. From the top: the white rose of Yorkshire: a penny Raven from 940 AD that was minted in York during the reign of Viking Olaf Guthfrithson: YORK : The York coat of arms : a detail from the rceently renovated organ pipes from the huge instrument in York Minster: The soles of Christ's feet as he ascended into heaven (from the ceiling of the main aisle of the minster): a wood carving of a mouse that can be found in the choir pews.

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