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Ever since I was able to understand them, I have been fascinated by maps and love creating them. Most have been of places I have lived or visited in Vietnam but recently, I have been producing new maps of my favourite places in Britain. I like small places, walled cities, harbours and gardens. This one is Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland. Within the design you can find a thistle, a coat of arms, thrift, some fish, the Saltire, two Celtic knots, a wee celtic cross, a crab, some crow steps and a few boats.

The map layout is not traced but drawn by eye which adds character. The colours and patterns are created as I feel them. Busy shopping or tradingp districts have more vibrant colours and patterns than any residention areas. Symbols and artefacts are added to reflect the history and culture of a place and, sometimes I have to get creative to describe some landscape features. Here, I have described the skerries like strings of beads reaching out from the shore.

This map is in watercolour but I have done many in acrylic on canvas as well.

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